Consideration while buying evaporative cooling system for automobile garage:

There is no need to explain how much important to have a cooling system at your automobile garage to keep your indoor environment cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. But to assure that cool and comfortable environment you need to have a cooling system and evaporative cooling system is definitely one of the better choices. While you are thinking of buying an evaporative cooler, there are a few that things that need to be considered. They are –

  • Effectiveness according to climate: For cooling, indoor space evaporative cooling is definitely a cost-effective method. But it is depending on the climate you in that if the evaporative cooling system is the most effective option or you or not. So, how evaporative cooling system works will be helpful for you to decide if it is compatible for you or not.
  • Size: If you want to get the best results out of your evaporative cooler, you need to choose the perfect size for your space. If your space is bigger in comparison with the evaporative water cooler, the cooler will have to work extra hard for keeping the space cool. It will definitely waste more energy in such situation.
  • Considering the types: There are so many types of the evaporative cooler. So, you need to take a look at all the types and choose the right one for you. For example, if you want to cool large to small spaces but not the entire house, you can choose any of the portable and windows mounted evaporative air cooler. When mobility is a factor, the portable evaporative cooler can be considered as a great cooling solution.

Tips for maintenance the evaporative cooler:

As a part of maintenance your cooler, you need to get it serviced at least twice. Regular maintenance will be a help to extend the life as well as the efficiency of the equipment. You should perform these steps before starting up the unit.

  • You need to remove the old pads and get the pad frames cleaned thoroughly. To do so you can use a wire brush to scrape away the scale. Paint all of its surfaces with a cooler protectant.
  • Flush and drain its reservoir. Scrape the scale away and get it painted with protectant.
  • Get the water distribution system cleaned up, including a pump impeller, water distribution tubes and pump screen. If there is wracked tubing get it replaced. With SAW 20 motor oil lubricates the pump impeller.
  • Check out the electrical wiring and switches for poor connections or if there is any worn insulation. Check the belt for cracks and wear. Replace or repair if there are any worn parts.
  • For proper belt tension adjust the motor bolts. Set the belt tension. That moderate hand pressure which will get the belt depressed about one inch at the center.
  • Turn the water supply on. Make sure the entire cooler pad is getting wet by the water. Dry spots will be caused by too little water and will also reduce the cooler’s efficiency.
  • You should check the water level in the reservoir. Then get the float valve adjusted to maintain about three inches of water.
  • Get the cooler pads replaced and reinstall the frames. The first five steps ideally should be performed at season’s end. In case you won’t be using the unit during winter, shut the water supply off and disconnect electric connection of the unit. With a view to preventing possible wintertime freezing drain the water line.

In this era of global warming, we all know how much we really want a cool indoor environment. So, while you are thinking of buying an evaporative cooling system in this manner, consider the above facts and maintain properly after buying to extend its durability as well as its efficiency.

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