Kid’s Hair Care When Traveling on Car

In my round the world journey, living out of a backpack for who knows how long, the necessity for minimalism presents itself. I don’t want to have to compromise quality for space, so I find items that are convenient, small, and good products. Solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars seemed like a great way to cut space and minimize the risk of leakage in the bag. After doing my online research I came across a Canadian based company, LUSH Handmade Cosmetics.

When the package arrived today it smelled like a Volkswagon of hippies and daisy chains fell in my office. After ordering the natural hair products for kids from Amazon it arrived only 4 days later (and from Canada!) and was packaged quite nicely, along with a free sample of their fig & leaf soap. Naturally I ran to the bathroom to use this immediately, I am a sucker for organic and handmade unique products. This was lovely scented, and reminded me of an oatmeal scrub. Sweet, spicy, and extremely moisturizing- I would buy this soap next time!

After digging out my free sample, next I stumbled upon the gigantic newsletter they enclosed with my package. I know this is good marketing, but I can’t help but wonder why I need 32 pages of product printed on paper? In this day and age I would like to see a little more environmentally conscious decisions being made by businesses. This was the only downside of the entire experience, and has no bearing on their great product, however.


My coworker noted the texture of the Karma Komba shampoo to be that of E Coli, very grainy and irregular. The sea-foam green bar which is round and about the size of a junior hockey puck comes hand wrapped in plastic. The scent was strong, but not overpowering. Imagine star-fruit, lychee, patchouli, honey, and sandalwood. Smells great, but I need something that performs- let’s get it wet and take it for a ride. After working the bar a little, I got a good lather which was oh-so-fragrant. I ran it through my medium length curly hair with ease, and it rinsed out leaving little to no residue.

Next in line: Jungle Conditioner Solid . Being a naturally curly haired girl has it’s perks, but also has its drawbacks. Chronically dry hair is one of those! I need a conditioner that I going to tame the tresses, but not stress them. Luckily, this also performed nicely in the shower, leaving my hair feeling soft but not weighed down. I heard a rumor they could be used afterwards as a styling product as well, but I’m not that desperate- not yet.

The consensus? Great products from a great company. I would happily buy them again, though I am so stocked up, I think it will be about a year… which is how long it will take me to read the newsletter.

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